Kitchen Removals Sydney

So you’ve decided you want a new kitchen. Where do you go first?

Most people think the first step will be finding a reputable kitchen company to buy from. These companies quote you from the start of the process to the finish, including a charge for removing the old kitchen.

The big problem with most kitchen companies is their mindset of what to do with your old kitchen. They are only interested in supplying and fitting the new kitchen, and the old one doesn’t come into play. Regardless of the condition the old kitchen is in, it’s heading for landfill. This means a lot of kitchens in great condition, worth thousands of dollars, are going to the tip.

It is completely unnecessary for you to be charged good money for removal of your old kitchen, only for it to be thrown in a dumpster. The benefits of calling One Stop Kitchen Removals before you do anything else are that firstly the kitchen’s not destined for the dumpster, and secondly you’re not being charged. We do removals from all over Sydney, there’s great kitchens to be found everywhere.

We are very interested in the recycling aspect. Understandably, people are concerned when they have a wonderful, functional kitchen that they don’t want to go to waste, but they haven’t been given an option to recycle it.

If you get a new kitchen, you’ve got to terminate your plumbing and electrics, and you need licensed tradesmen to do that. A few years ago we were working on doing this for our clients and we would hear people saying, ‘the new kitchen is coming next week and I’ve got to get rid of the old one’.

We decided to do something about this, as many kitchens are too good to be thrown out. At One Stop Kitchen Removals, we keep things green as possible and try to stop all the waste that occurs in this market.

Kitchen Removals Sydney